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miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Personalidad que Define a un Policia..!!

to have professional ethics
to be dedicated to his work
to have value at the time to react to a situation that warrants it
to be responsible
to help the other people
by doing what's right
make good citizens

a cop is every one that protects the physical integrity, moral and psychological of all people in a given population

Personalidad que Define a un Abogado(a)..!!

to be dedicated to his profession
for giving a fair application of the laws
to have professional ethics
have to be a faultless person
an honest person
a responsible person
a person knowledgeable of the different behaviors of human beings

A lawyer who is legally responsible for helping all those people who are related to a wrongful act in human life

Personalidad que Define a un Bombero..!!

is defined by:
human quality
having ethics profession
for being brave
to have dedication
should be devoted to saving lives
fire fighting and in some cases to prevent large fires

Firefighters must be 24 hours dedicated people to save lives, and we do not know where, when or at what time a person may be in danger of death

Personalidad que Define a un Medico..!!

is defined by:
his human
their commitment to work
for their professionalism
for his dedication
for integrity

the doctors are good people because they are in charge of our health and in their hands will be the life of all

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011